Saturday, 4 September 2010

I'm back!

I've missed out on a month's worth of music-can't say it's been completely worth it though. My holiday in Ghana was in-all good... which I guess is a pretty strong word in this case considering I wasn't that enthusiastic about going in the first place.

The experience was a complete 180 to how to was the last time I went 6 years ago. We stayed in my step-dad's hotel which was awesome mainly because we didn't pay a thing for food or drinks, our hotel rooms were and the car we were driven around in were awesome too. The last time I was here we were sharing rooms with our cousins... which If I continued on that notion would lead into a whole other rant, but this time nothing pissed me off as severely as last time. Over the 6 weeks we visit a lot of hotspots I didn't even know existed in Ghana, my favourite was the 'Accra Mall' Ghana's biggest shopping centre-very modern and looked just like any other shopping centre you'd find over here and the Accra Beach, which was actually the first time I'd ever been to a beach, the experience was brilliant; I got to ride a horse... Ye-ah I did! I took pictures of the mall, hotel and sights I thought looked interesting but my Camera broke—now, that's what you call a lame excuse for not posting any pictures but... it's true.

Another highlight was the food! I'd forgotten how much I loved African food, I'll explain: It's a somewhat of a tradition to have Coco for breakfast-it's melted raw coco beans, which after it's melted turns into a thick gooey substance (now I know that sounds like a tag-line for a porno) but in all seriousness it's taste awesome (and its grey not white so it doesn't count). I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed fried yams dipped in pepper and cawcaw (they kinda look like bananas except they're not) with peanuts.

The biggest downfall I can reminisce on right now is how homesick I got, I found myself missing London a lot—getting excited every time I saw a white person because it reminded me of home. Towards the end, like 2 weeks before we left I got bored—knowing there was new music releases, new music news and whatnot being released and me not knowing about it just drove me to the edge. But despite the holiday being better than the last time and my step-dad's generosity, I did come to the conclusion of not returning for a long, long... long time—I did feel at most times that it wasn't worth me leaving London—where I could have genuine fun with my friends rather than in a Country where I'm feeling homesick most of the time. I mean the times where we didn't go out (and there were lots of those) I was in my hotel suit listening to music thinking: “I can't wait to come home” Ironically [I don't really know how to use that word properly so forgive me] on the plane home Daughtry's “Home” came up on shuffle on my ipod as the plane landed in London.