Sunday, 18 July 2010

Holiday in Ghana, 2010

In a weeks time I'll be off to Ghana, Africa for a six week "holiday." I'm anxious to call this a holiday as from the past 2 times I've been there I never quite re-call enjoying myself probably because every time me and my family's gone there the word "holiday" was really only used as front to cover up the fact that we were only going there sort out legal problems between my father and mother--I laugh when I say this because I think the marriage was such a fucking fail it deserves some kind of applause and cheer for lasting so long. I've never quite come to terms that my soon-to-be step-father completely shits over my real one... although I have thought it must be hard to know you have a son that doesn't love you... or cares if you get caught in a drive-by tomorrow.

But my mum tells me, this time it's different... the premise of this holiday is soley fun! (¬_¬) Although I've learned from life experiences so far that being excited with no shadow of doubt only leads to disappointment. It's the first time I'm going back since 2004.


  1. How interesting. So your father lives in Ghana? Did you ever spend significant time there, or have you lived mostly in Britain? I imagine it's quite different. I've never been to Africa myself.

  2. Well my step-dad lives over there but my father lives here--I like to call him an illegal immigrint cause if the cops came knockin' for him i'd tell 'em exactly where he was. The last time I went there was the first time.